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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


1. Senko Worm

2. Senko Worm Tactics

3. Ontario Bass Fishing

4. Braided Line

5. Finding Submerged
Weed Lines

6. PowerPro Fishing Line

7. Bait Cast or Spinning

8. Understanding Prop

9. Crippled Herrings

10. Flipping Tube Jigs


Bass Fishing tips

bass fishing tackle tips

**NEW**Bass Fishing New Lakes
If you are an adventurous Bass angler like me and love exploring new bodies of water, there are a few things we should bare in mind. Do your homework!  Search online!  You will be surprised what info can be found about the lake of interest.

Bass Fishing New Lakes - Bass Fishing Tip cont'd



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Set the Hook
I have seen it more times than I care to remember!  Setting the hook too soon is a common mistake many anglers just can’t shake off!
Set the Hook - Bass Fishing Tip cont'd

Crank Baits - When to Crank
I love cranking, as you know, but I especially love cranking for Smallmouth.  They are and feel awesome on the end of the crank bait.  The initial hit still to this day sends my heart racing!
Crank Baits - When to Crank - Bass Fishing Tip cont'd

Tube Jig Tactics
The tube jig, as we all know, is infamous Bass fishing bait.  When it comes to the jig head itself, what type are you using?
Tube Jig Tactics - Bass Fishing Tip cont'd

Spinnerbaits: Choosing the Right Line
Choosing the right rod and reel for the right spinnerbait is definitely important, but having the proper line can make all the difference in the world!
Spinnerbaits:Choosing the Right Line - Bass Fishing Tip cont'd

Customize Your Jig
When it comes to jigs, rarely do I fish it right out of the package without some kind of fine tuning.  I like a nice compact look to my jigs so I hook the trailer lengthwise threading the hook horizontally through the meat of the trailer instead of just poking it through the trailer. Customize Your Jig - Bass Fishing Tip cont'd

The First Cast
We all know very well that our first cast into prime Bass structure is the most important.  Stealth, accuracy, and a perfect execution are paramount.  But a lot of Bass anglers miss the most important part of bait placement, and that is slack line!

The First Cast - Bass Fishing Tip cont'd

Approaching Bass Cover
Good grade ‘A’ Bass cover is not much good to us Bass anglers unless thought is put into the approach. A good approach involves good execution and a plan of attack. Approaching Bass Cover cont'd - bass fishing tip

Specialized Reels
Specialized reels, to me, are gold out on the water.  And what is a specialized reel you ask?  Well, a reel with special added tools such as flipping switches fit the category.  These reels specialize in flipping, of course, with the added bonus of good quick reeling with high ratios.
Specialized Reels cont'd- bass fishing tip

Fishing Reels - Gear Ratio
Bait casting reels not only come in different variations and sizes, they also come in different gear ratios.  This has become more apparent in recent years.
con't Fishing Reels - Gear Ratios bass fishing tip

Big Bass
Big Bass don’t come easy.  There have been many instances where vacationing anglers fishing for fun have hooked into big brutes.  They say it was luck or by accident, but I say they happen to be at the right place at the right time. 
more Big Bass - bass fishing tip

Shaky Rig Success
I am confident in the shaky rigs success when conditions are right.  Especially after this seasons Bass tally; and it’s not over yet! 
more Shaky Rig Success

Fishing Line Tactics
The fishing line we use is our connection to the Bass so why cheap out!  Having a high end rod and reel does not do an angler any good when using low end line. more on Fishing Line Tactics

Salted Baits
Are salted baits really what they say they are?  Salted!  Anyone can add salt to their bait bag and shake well before using, but is it in the plastic itself?  Did the package say in or on the bait? more on salted baits

Does Rod Size Matter?
Rod size, big or small, can give us Bass anglers another edge for success on the water.  It could be the difference in not only comfort, but practicality in its usage. more on rod size

Purchasing Your First Bait Casting Reel
The most important thing to consider when purchasing your first bait casting reel is; if you don’t like it what do you do then?  Well you can sell it privately or maybe even put it aside and forget about it altogether or better yet; you can actually take the time and learn how to use one and find out what you’ve been missing out on all this time! continue May's bass fishing tip  

Precision Pitching for Bass
A precise first pitch into cover usually spells BASS!  But we all know that distinct pockets in heavy cover, or adjacent to, are hard targets to hit given only one chance.  Many of us seem to forget that all important parameter in our pitches!

learn more about pitching for bass

Choosing an Affordable Rod and Reel Combo
Choosing a rod and reel combo is made much easier when funds are no object.  Many of us Bass anglers would like more than one or two combos to work with.  So if funds are an issue then here is something we can think about when purchasing that combo.

learn more about affordable rod reel combos

finding Submerged Weed Lines learn more about Submerged Weed Lines

Pork Rind Tactics

Pork Rind is real pork!  Therefore, care needs to be taken in keeping your pork ‘chunk’ lasting through a day of catching Bass after Bass.  When properly taken care of this baits longevity can surprise even the novice of Bass anglers!
learn more about pork rind tactics

Braided Line learn more

Freeing Up' snags learn more

Line Up' Bass fishing Hot Spots learn more

Smallmouth Bass and Lumber learn more

Flooded Timber learn more

Spot in a Spot learn more

Twitch Baits learn more

Bass Fishing Reservoirs
learn more about bass fishing reservoirs

Sonars for Bass Fishing learn more

Second Chance Bass learn more

Bass Fishing - A Team Effort read more

Bass in Rippled Water read more

Bass Fishing in Shallow Water read more

Clear Water Blues
Clear water calls for different; well you might say unorthodox methods of catching weary Bass. read more

Go Deep During Cold Fronts read more

Catch More than One Bass read more

Smooth Loading Trailers
read more

Prevent Rust
Tackle now a days doesn’t come cheap so why let rust ruin your investment. read more

Keeping Your Engine Looking New. read more

Fishing Top Water read more

Why Throw it Away? read more
Two tips from Justin Toth.

Lubricate to Stay Great
So guys, tell me. How many times have you bought a new reel, taken it out of the box and thrown away the blueprints? read more

Battery Maintenance
Trolling motor batteries will last a long time if properly maintained. More importantly they will give greater power and cycle longer. read more

What Is Perfect Largemoth Territory?
The most important thing to remember is that the habitat depends on the conditions. read more

One of the most versatile and consistent producing baits for all types of bass is the spinnerbait. read more on spinnerbaits

Flippin' and Pitching
Pitching is basically an underhand cast where the bait swings from the boat and maintains a low trajectory to the target. read more about Flippin' and Pitching

Rigging Your Poles For Fishing
Can you ever have too many rods rigged. The answer depends on your preferences and strategy for the days fishing. read more on Pole Rigging

Fishing Mid Lake Humps For Smallies
Effectively fishing mid lake structures for smallmouth can be a challenge. The most important key is understanding the structure and how fish are using it. read more