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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


1. Senko Worm

2. Senko Worm Tactics

3. Ontario Bass Fishing

4. Braided Line

5. Finding Submerged
Weed Lines

6. PowerPro Fishing Line

7. Bait Cast or Spinning

8. Understanding Prop

9. Crippled Herrings

10. Flipping Tube Jigs


Bass fishing bait and tackle

bass fishing tackle

**NEW**Jigs Lightning Series Lures
In 2003 I was given a jig to try out by one of Ontario’s premier jig experts, Tony Steinfeld.  That was six years ago now and it is still in my Bass jigs box to this day.  Many Bass have fallen victim to its sting and many more will I’m sure!

Jigs Lightning Series Lures - bass fishing tackle cont'd



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Lake Fork Craw Tube
Lake Forks Craw Tube will catch you Bass, plain and simple.  Basically, it’s a craw and a tube in one and trust me, it works!
Lake Fork Craw Tube - bass fishing tackle cont'd

Rapala R-Type
I’ve always used and trusted Rapala throughout my fishing years and I must say their new R Type rods are a great addition to my Bass fishing collection!
Rapala R-Type - bass fishing tackle cont'd

Shimano Core 100mg
I must say this sweet little Core reel is the cats meow!  Shimano does it again!  An excellent bait casting reel, in my opinion, and for the money, it’s a sweet deal worth every cent!
Shimano Core 100mg - bass fishing tackle cont'd

Quantum Code
Quantum has good affordability in the Code bait caster.  It fits my grip perfectly and has great solid hook sets.  Need I say more!
Quantum Code - bass fishing tackle cont'd

Berkley Chunky Trailer
Did you say Berkley, again!  Yes sir, I did, and I will keep saying it as long as the folks at Berkley keep making fine Bass catching products.
Berkley Chunky trailer - bass fishing tackle cont'd

The Best Bass Fishing Bait-Rig of the 2008 Season
The combo Mizmo Scorpion/Picasso Shakedown shaky jig head was responsible for the most Bass caught in the 08 Bass season.  The shaky rig incorporating the Scorpion was lethal. Best Bass Fishing Bait-Rig cont'd

Strike Kings Rage Tail
Strike Kings Rage Tail is something to rave about! Just drop it in the water and you will see for yourself. Rage Tail cont'd - bass fishing tackle

Gambler Rat’lin Goop Weight
A little rattle goes a long way! And what better way of incorporating it in our baits than in the bullet weight itself?
more Gambler Rat’lin Goop Weight - bass fishing tackle

Browning Citori
The Browning Citori bait caster is a versatile well tuned machine with precision casting ability.  It’s eight bearing system helps make it a smooth and pleasurable reel to have in my hands.
more Browning Citori- bass fishing tackle

Berkley Power Hawg
While working the fishing shows and sportsman shows in Ontario I see many new products come out each year.  Some more than others get my attention fast.  I must say, the new Berkley Power Hawg caught my eye instantly.  It had Bass catching features about it and when you opened the bag the main feature filled the whole booth with fish catching ‘aromas’. 
more Berkley Power Hawg - bass fishing tackle

Mizmo & Picasso Shaky Combo
The combination of the Mizmo Scorpion and the Picasso Shake Down jig has fooled many Smallmouth.  They are both new on the tackle shelves and are finding their way into many tackle boxes and for good reason; this combo works!
more about the Mizmo & Picasso Shaky Combo

Spiderwire Invisi-Braid
Spider Wire has answered our calls!  Finally, a nearly invisible line with the superior strength of braid.  That is a true ingredient for success on the water.  Confidence booster extraordinaire!  
more about Spiderwire - Invisi-Braid

Yamamoto 5" Crawdad
Yamamoto does it again!  Yes sir, ‘Bass candy’ is what I call this 5” Crawdad.  It has put Bass after Bass in my tournament live well and it will for you too! 
more about Yamamoto 5" Crawdad

Quantum Accurist PT\Biffle Rod Combo
An angler only has to put this combo in their hands to fully understand what I’m talking about. It is a heavy cover confidence boost like no other and costs little considering what you really get.
more about Quantum Accurist PT\Biffle Rod Combo

Booyah Spinner Bait
Booyah makes a good long lasting tandem spinner bait.  It is well built at a good price.  We all know that our Bass budget these days is limited so with the Booyah spinner bait you definitely get more than what you pay for! 
more about Booyah Spinner Bait bass tackle

Seaguar Flourocarbon Line
The market has a few good manufactures of fluorocarbon line. Seaguar is definitely one of them.
more about Seagaur Flourocarbon line- bass tackle

Tiki-Monkey by Wave Worms
When Mother Nature causes Bass to get tight lipped I am very confident they will open wide for the 3” Tiki-Monkey from Wave Worms!
 more about the Tiki-Monkey - bass tackle

Best Bass Bait of the 2007 Season

I think the best bait of the ’07 season is the 6” grub by Yamamoto.  Yes…..a grub!  Hey, don’t knock it!  It was responsible for the biggest Bass of the season, not to mention the most fun to work with in any type of structure you can imagine. 
more about 2007's best bass bait

Blue Water Optics Sunglasses
Polarized Sunglasses are in my opinion the number one tackle!  They are a ‘must have’.  So much so that if you fish without them then……………”How do you?” 
learn more about Blue Water Optics Sunglasses - bass tackle

The Porker
The Porker, which for years was known as the infamous Pork-‘O’, has been around for as long as I can remember.  Thanks to the good folks at Uncle Josh this pork rind bait is still utilized by Bass anglers today. learn more about the The Porker - bass bait and tackle

Rapala Jointed Shad Rap
I love cranking and the Bass love it too!  Through the years the Rapala jointed Shad-Rap has played a major roll in my Bass fishing success!
learn more about the Rapala Jointed Shad Rap - bass bait and tackle

Ten Inch Tiki Ribbon Tail Worm
A new worm is finding a good home in my tackle box!  The ten-inch psychedelic looking Tiki-Ribbon Tail worm from Wave Worms looks amazingly different out of the water.  Check out what it looks like in the water. 
learn more about the Ten Inch Tiki Ribbon Tail Worm - bass bait and tackle

Gambler's 5" Flapp'n Tail Worm
The five inch Flappn Tail Worm by Gambler is nothing but pure genius! It is a multi tasked plastic that lasts a long time. This fish after fish bait is good bang for the anglers buck!
learn more about the Flapp n' Tail worm- bass bait and tackle

Yamamoto 8 inch Grub
The Yamamoto 8-inch grub is fine Bass catching bait! It has just enough buoyancy to fall tantalizingly to the bottom, dancing the curly tail ‘Bass twist’. Bass in the vicinity cannot miss it!
learn more about the 8 inch Grub- bass bait and tackle

Berkley 3” ‘Realistix’ Power Minnow
It is 'brilliant' bait! Especially when down sizing is required for weary Bass.
learn more about the Power Minnow - bass bait and tackle

Buzz Bait
For those of you who are not familiar with the Buzz Bait I would strongly suggest doing so quickly! This is another ‘fast bait’ fish finder. Meaning, it finds fish in a hurry!
learn more about Buzz Bait - bass bait and tackle

Rapala X-Rap
The Rapala X-Rap by Normark is a ‘must have’ bait. It is a step beyond the floating minnow since it casts like a dream and has excellent action.
learn more about Rapala X-Rap - bass bait and tackle

The Jitterbug
It will wake up any snoozing Bass from a distance
learn more about the The Jitterbug - bass bait and tackle

The Weed Demon
If you are looking for a top water bait that can multi-task, then the Weed Demon, from Snag Proof is the bait of choice!
learn more about the The Weed Demon- bass bait and tackle

Lake Fork Pig Craw
The Lake Fork Pig Claw is an excellent jig trailer I happen to have a lot of confidence in! It calls the Largemouth, since they hone in on its strong scent! Just open a package and smell for yourself!
learn more about the Lake Fork Pig Craw - bass bait and tackle

Flipping Tube Jig
Flipping a tube jig is nothing new to the Bass Fishing industry! They are still readily used to put big Bass in the live well because they work!
read more about the Flipping Tube Jig - bass bait and tackle

Quantum Tour Edition PT Rod
The Quantum Tour Edition PT rod is quite simply strong, durable and light weight. It just feels great in my hands and comes with a full life time warranty!
read more about the Quantum Tour Edition PT rod - bass bait and tackle

Berkley Bass Attractant
Bass attractants on my boat are as essential as tackle it self! I don't leave home with out it! The Berkley Power Bait Attractant works!
read more about the Berkley Bass Attractant - bass bait and tackle

Magic Shad
When it comes to soft jerk baits the Magic Shad gets the vote of confidence in many different situations.
read more about the Magic Shad - bass bait and tackle

Berkley Power Worm
The Berkley Power Worm has produced good numbers of Bucket mouth in the past and continues to do so.
read more about the Berkley Power Worm- bass bait and tackle

Boss Rat
The Boss Rat, better known as the ‘dirty rat’ in my boat, is a must have for any Bass angler.
read more about the Boss Rat - bass bait and tackle

Shimano CRONARCH 50mg
Don't let the size of this reel fool you! It is smooth, easy casting, strong and durable. Weighing in at a mere 5.9 oz it's as light as a feather yet tough enough for the big 'hogs'.
read more about the Shimano Chronarch- bass bait and tackle

Owner Hooks
Owner Hooks are worth their weight in gold.
read more on Owner Hooks - bass bait and tackle

Zara Spook
The Zara Spook has produced for me time and time again. Its a good choice for a top water bait. read more on the Zara Spook - bass bait and tackle

The Slug-Go Lure
The Slug-Go is an excellent lure for bass. For finessing bucket mouth this bait is tops in many given situations. read more about the Slug-Go Lure - bass bait and tackle

The Senko Worm
When trying to locate bass in the thick of weeds, points, docks, shoals, murky water, lily pads or whatever the situation, a preferred bait by Canadians is a Senko Worm. read more about The Senko Worm- bass bait and tackle

Swim Bait Lure Review
Not just another piece of plastic you stick a jig through, but a moulded, multi-coloured, life like, weighted interpretation of the real thing. more on the Swim Bait Lure - bass bait and tackle

Black Mamba Bait
At some time most fisherman will come to realize that certain lures out perform others in several different ways. The Black Mamba is one of my favorite baits to throw in a wide variety of structure. read more about the Black Mamba bait - bass tackle

Power Pro Fishing Line
Power Pro is excellent line! Plain and simple. It casts like a dream, lasts forever and it's tough to beat under any condition. read more on Power Pro - bass bait and tackle

Crippled Herrings
There's an old saying, "It takes a genius to be simple." read more about crippled herrings - bass bait and tackle

Flapp 'n Shad
This is a Flapp'n Shad made by Gambler. It comes in a variety of colours and sizes. read more on the Flapp'n Shad - bass bait and tackle

Berkley Power Craw
Quite often we make fishing way too complicated. It's difficult to resist the latest, greatest lures and colours to hit the market. read more about the Berkley Power Craw - bass bait and tackle

Frenzy Crankbait by Berkley
When I see a shoreline with a good steady drop off I reach for the rod rigged with the Frenzy Crankbait. read more about Frenzy Crankbait - bass bait and tackle

Rapala Husky Jerk
Ah yes, the good old Husky Jerk bait, a must for any bass fishing enthusiast. read more about the Rapala Husky Jerk - bass bait and tackle

Strike King SpinnerBait
When you want to cover a lot of water fast to find those bass, this is the 'puppy' you want to use. more on the Strike King SpinnerBait - bass bait and tackle

The Tube Jig
There are many ways to fish this excellent bait, but two main ways are 'jigging' and 'dragging'. read more about the Tube Jig - bass bait and tackle