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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


1. Senko Worm

2. Senko Worm Tactics

3. Ontario Bass Fishing

4. Braided Line

5. Finding Submerged
Weed Lines

6. PowerPro Fishing Line

7. Bait Cast or Spinning

8. Understanding Prop

9. Crippled Herrings

10. Flipping Tube Jigs


Bass Fishing Articles

bass fishing rondeau bay

**NEW** Bass Fishing Rondeau Bay
They say Rondeau Bay is Ontario’s best kept secret and I couldn’t agree more! It is an angler’s paradise!  Situated on Lake Erie’s North shore between Leamington and Port Glasgow, Ontario, both off shore and in shore fishing are at their best there. 

Bass Fishing Rondeau Bay, Ontario - Bass Fishing Article cont'd  




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Frog Rod and Reel Combos
Two things come to mind when choosing a top water frog combo; strength and castability. Fishing top water baits such as the frog require slow twitching retrieves.  When I fish these types of baits I like my rod tip to be between ten and twelve o’clock.
Frog Rod and Reel Combos- Bass Fishing Article cont'd  

Crank Bait Rod and Reel Combos
When fishing with crank baits I prefer a particular set up that is very specific for the task.  A rod and reel cranking combo consists of a good flexible, but strong rod and a solid reel with a proper gear ratio.
Crank Bait Rod and Reel Combos- Bass Fishing Article cont'd  

Tube Jig Rod and Reel Combos
If an angler is in pursuit of Smallmouth Bass without the tube jig somewhere in the mix of go to baits, they are definitely missing out.  Tube jigs and Smallmouth go together like milk and cookies.  And Tube jigs don’t stop there; Largemouth can be had using them too.
Tube Jig Rod and Reel Combos- Bass Fishing Article cont'd  

Spinnerbait Rod and Reel Combos
Spinner baits are still one of the most widely used baits in Bass fishing today and in my opinion, always will be!  They are versatile, easy to use and very effective! 
Spinnerbait Rod and Reel Combos - Bass Fishing cont'd  

Catch and Release Bass
Even today, with all our angling knowledge, some anglers still don’t get it!  I recently worked an outdoors show in the Southern Ontario area and noticed booths adjacent to ours promoting hunting and fishing in Ontario’s great north.  Of course, pictures galore were plastered all over the walls of all booths and being an outdoorsman myself I had to glance at all the trophy game. 

Catch and Release Bass cont'd  

The Best Bass Fishing Combo of the 2008 Season
The Saros 1000F spinning reel and the Cumara medium extra fast rod makes an excellent shaky combo.  This year, both these Shimano products are combined to give smooth, strong and feather light Bass fishing action that feels perfect for the task at hand. Best Bass Fishing Combo 2008 cont'd  

Bass Fishing 2009
The New Year is young and with the snow flying here in Ontario who is thinking far ahead into the new 09 Bass season? I, for one, am that crazy! I can’t help it. As a matter of fact, I know I have exactly 186 sleeps before the opening day here in Ontario.Bass Fishing 2009 cont'd

A Reel Christmas
 Deck the halls with lots of reels!  Now that’s my idea of a reel Christmas; you bet!  Now, which one should I choose, a bait caster or a spinning reel, or both?
more Christmas Reels - fishing article

Largemouth Bass Extravaganza
Sometimes figuring out a productive pattern can take hours if not days. But when we eventually do figure it out, Bucket mouth can be had by the ‘buckets’.
more Largemouth Bass - October's bass fishing article

Smallmouth Tactics
It takes a certain unique type of angler to pursue the Smallmouth Bass. They are stubborn, adventurous, persistent, patient and most of all versatile!  Sometimes being a bit of a scientist helps. 
more Smallmouth Tactics - October's bass fishing article  

The Shaky Rig
Thus far this Bass season has been a shaky rig season.  I have been using it religiously and let me tell you, it is fantastic!  I’ve been hooking into good numbers of smallmouth with good sizes too!  One would almost think the shaky rig had an exclusive club; fours and up only please! 
more on The Shaky Rig  

The Wacky Rig
There is no doubt, the wacky rig is as simple as it gets when it comes to Bass fishing techniques. The Bass that have been put into tournament live wells are a testament to the wacky rigs performance. 
more on The Wacky Rig  

The Texas Rig
The Texas rig is the most widely used rig in Bass fishing.  As a matter of fact, the Texas rig is a common denominator in many other different rigging techniques such as, the Carolina rig, drop shot rig and the shaky rig to name a few.
more on The Texas Rig  

The Carolina Rig
The Carolina rig is one of the most versatile and fun ways of getting Bass on the end of our lines.  And it’s not just limited to Largemouth.  Smallmouth are just as willing to take a bait Carolina rigged! more on The Carolina Rig  

Tackle for 2008
Tackle……tackle and more tackle! The 2008 season brings on many products for Pro Bass Fishing.ca to put to the test, but I think we’re up for the challenge! There are some brand new products and some not so brand new so our readers can rest assured that we will do our best to bring them our results. Let’s go over just some of the tackle that we will be using this coming season. 
More 2008 bass tackle  

Why Fluorocarbon?
Clear water conditions calls for it!  Abrasive structure calls for it!  And most of all, fussy fish call for it!  Now let me ask this; would a puppet show be more creative if we could not see the puppet’s ‘life’ lines?  Would magicians object moving tricks be as real if we saw the line used?  That’s why I use fluorocarbon!  Any ‘puppet’ bait I put in front of the Bass’ face has to look like it has no strings attached!
More about flurocarbon lines  

Purchasing Tackle Online
Purchasing tackle on line is easy, quick and painless!  I know, because I have been doing it for years!  I find it convenient and, most of all, there is yet to be a time when I get the dreaded, “Sorry, we’re out of them!”  On line purchasing gives me buying power at my finger tips.  There is no fuss……. just direct right to my door service!purchasing tackle online con't

Fishing Submerged Weed Lines
In our search for Bass, submerged distinct weed lines should not be overlooked in pursuing either the Largemouth or the Smallmouth. When I come across prime weed lines I get excited. My heart starts to race because I know somewhere in that weed growth lurks a dandy Bass! submerged weed lines cont'd

Best Rod and Reel Combo of the 2007 Season
In my opinion the best combo of the ‘07 season is the Chronarch 100B from Shimano teamed with the Quantum 6’6” medium heavy PT Kevin Van Dam signature series rod. “Now there’s a mouth full”! This combination is an excellent match, making it the most memorable from this past season. best rod and reel cont'd

10 Great Bass Fishing Gifts
What do you want for Christmas?  Well, let me tell you what I would like.  A tree filled with illuminated lures makes a good start.  How about a lure mistletoe! Here are 10 great gifts!bass fishing gifts

Spin Casting?
I have been spin casting all my young and adult life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  You should see the looks I get from my fellow competitors when they see my ‘toy’ reels on the boat deck.
more about Spin Casting

Bass Boats of Old
My Bass boat may up there in years, but like her owner, she is not old!  We don’t feel old!  We are always ready to get out on the water again and again!
more about bass boats of old

Off Shore Largemouth
Many Largemouth anglers limit themselves to the lake’s shore to pursue bucket mouth. But limiting ourselves to shoreline structures alone can also limit the live well numbers.
more about off shore largemouth

Early Season Smallmouth
Finding Smallmouth Bass can be challenging at the best of times. But there is one window of opportunity that both shore and boat anglers can take advantage of.
more about smallmouth

Bass Opener
For this Bass angler the opener was a success! And we worked hard for it. We were armed with a few products in hand. Some recent, some not so recent, but still a few of the old traditional products worked.
more about this year's bass opener

Bass Conservation
During our outing we thought we would try our luck at Pike fishing. No sooner did the baits hit the water; we had an Ontario Ministry boat on our tail!
learn more about bass conservation

Bass Finding Tactics
Many anglers stick to one lake, because they get to know it and think it will help them do well in up-coming tournaments. But myself, I love the adventure! Staring at maps of new lakes, and then exploring the areas penciled to see the outcome!
learn more about bass finding tactics

Bass Fishing from Shore
Fishing for Bass from shore is nothing new to me! In fact, that is where most of my learning and experimenting took place. Whether it’s a local pond, river, reservoir or large inland lake you can find Bass.
learn more about bass fishing from shore

Top Water Fishing for Bass
Unlike other Bass fishing techniques, top water fishing is in a ‘league’ of its own. It is all sight and sound. Taking your eyes off your bait could mean a lost fish.
learn more about top water fishing for bass

Bass Fishing the Reeds
Reeds are Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass magnets! A good quality reed bed has me bursting with excitement especially when they are in 3 to 6 feet of water.
learn more about Bass fishing the Reeds

Skipping For Bass
Another good technique for putting Bass in the live well is ‘skipping’. Skipping bait under potential Bass holding cover requires a lot of practice.
read more about Skipping for Bass

Bass Anglers Christmas Wish List
Tackle in a stocking, a reel under the tree, or a trigger rod wrapped in Christmas red paper waiting to be opened by the young and old Bass anglers of today! For the Bass fanatics in your life Christmas giving is made easy!
Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas....read more

Dead Sticking for Bass
Dead sticking is a handy trick to have under your fishing hat for getting Small and Largemouth on the end of your line!
read more about Dead Sticking

Boat Control
Boat control is by far one of the most important 'know- hows' for a day of success on the water. You have to compensate for every scenario Mother Nature throws at you and be ready to change in a moments notice!
read more about Boat Control

Senko Worm Tactics
Gary Yamamoto really broke the mold when he invented the Senko Worm. It is brilliant bait and it is widely used. But are we using the Senko to its fullest ability?
read more about Senko Worm Tactics

Ontario Bass Fishing
If we were to actually take the time to look at a map of Ontario we would realize how lucky we…"Ontario's Bass anglers: really are.
read more about Ontario Bass Fishing

Bass n' Fun
Because you never stop learning, the more time we spend out on the vast lakes this country has to offer the more adventurous and versatile we become". read more

Dunking Success for Largemouth
A bright hot, sunny August day calls for a certain pattern to put Largemouth in the live well. That's when 'dunking' comes into play. read more on dunkin' for largemouth

Largemouth in lumber
Wood laden waters are a must for any Bass angler. Over look them and you’ll be missin out! Even a stump in the middle of a weed patch or a fallen tree limb can be a Bass magnet. read more about largemouth in lumber

Building On What You Have
For many years I've had no choice but to fish from the shores of lakes and ponds. Sure it was great, but I often knew the fish were located out in the deeper water or nestled back in the sunken structure below. read more

Smallmouth Fishing Can be a Drag.
Its 6:24 am. and you just arrived at the launch. You stand on the end of the dock staring out at the lake. The 2-hour drive to get here is now ancient history. read more on smallmouth

Lake Muskoka Bass
Lake Muskoka, in Ontario's Near North isn't just known for beautiful sunsets, islands and elaborate cottages. It is also known for the great fishing it has to offer. read more on Lake Muskoka Bass

Opening Day is On the Way
Well, another year has come and gone and I'm sure there are lots of stories and photos. But, if you want to increase your catch and possibly catch that trophy of a lifetime, the season has already begun. read more

Bass In the Grass
‘Grass’ is probably one of the most beneficial types of cover for Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass. read more about bass in the grass

A Day In the Life of a Tournament Anglers Wife
Anyone who’s witnessed a fishing tournament can see how hard the competing anglers work. By the time they hit the stage for weigh-in they have been up and at 'em for at least 10 or 12 hours. read more

Fishing Lines 101
Everything you need to know about what's between you and your next fish

In today’s world of marketing fishing tackle, not one item is more important than what’s between you and the fish. THE LINE! read more about fishing lines

Going Where The Action Is
Picture this, you're fishing in a nice calm back bay, the surface of the water is like glass and you’re not at work! Suddenly the surface starts to boil with baitfish and you’re right in casting distance. What do you do? read more

October Smallmouth Fishing
October can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable times to fish for small mouth bass, though it can be equally as frustrating. read more on October Smallmouth fishing

Where Are the Fish? Let's Find Out.
The water is made up of a column, there is the top portion, the middle and the bottom. When purchasing tackle, you’d like to pick lures that cover all three spectrums of the column. read more

in the thick of things
Well, here I am on my trusty lap top thinking to myself, "I wish I was in some form of slop, in any lake, anywhere, doing what I love to do most often, and that is FISH. read more

Choosing a new boat.
Looking for a new boat, but just can't decide on what you want or where to look? read more on choosing a new boat

Understanding the basics of prop and outboard performance
Have you considered what your prop has done for you lately? Most people take their prop for granted... read more

Tournament Angling
This year's tournament trail has been a great learning experience for me. I still have much more to learn for sure, but the one thing that sticks out most of all in my mind is the thrill of the sport itself. read more

The Perfect dock
As I approached the massive dock with my quiet Minn Kota, I flipped my 1/8 ounce jig and craw and watched as my line instantly moved to the right. read more

Slow Trolling for Smallmouth
If you think for a second that slow trolling is just for Walleye, think again. read more about slow trolling for smallmouth

Sharing the joys of angling with your children
One of the most treasured gifts you can give a child is a love for fishing and the great outdoors. read more

Weather or Not. What Is the Mafor Code?
Have you ever made a trip to a great lake such as Erie early in the morning and watched as people drove away with their boats in tow and you wonder, why? read more about Mafor Code

Bass Crossing
It was a Friday night after a long week. It was time to relax and enjoy the cottage. As my friends played pool and smoked cigars enjoying the night, there I was, in the muskoka room, not relaxing, not enjoying the night, but rather wondering. read more

Finessing the bucket mouth
The great thing about finesse fishing for bucketmouth is that it doesn't spook them into permanent hiding so you can come back to try your luck again. read more about finessing the bucket mouth

ramp rage
I have been boating for over 20 years now and I have seen my share of "ramp rage" at boat launches. read more on ramp rage

Using the wind for largemouth
You've heard of a 'Walleye chop' right! Well, why not a 'Largemouth chop'. "Okay", so it doesn't sound good, but the proof is in the livewell. read more on largemouth

Bait Cast or Spinning
Well, I can tell you my personal favorite hands down is the bait cast. Now, that isn't always the right choice, because for certain situations spinning gear is the way to go. read more on the bait cast