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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


where are the fish? Let's find out.

Todd SpurgeonBy Todd Spurgeon

First of all, I'd like to welcome you to the Pro Bass Fishing.ca website!

My name is Todd Spurgeon, I've been an avid angler since the age of three and have been a tournament bass and multi-species angler for 27 years total and have fished with some of Ontario's best anglers.

I'm here to broaden your horizons and share some tips with you on multi-species and bass fishing. This will be the first installment of several articles to come. Hope you enjoy and find something to take to the water with you the next time you're out

Things to consider while fishing: The water is made up of a column, there is the top portion, the middle and the bottom. When purchasing tackle, you'd like to pick lures that cover all three spectrums of the column, whether you are ice fishing, shore fishing or fishing from a boat, the water column is a constant. For instance, top water or "floating" lures, with splashing or darting actions may trigger fish that are aggressive in warmer temperatures. For the middle column, swimming action baits with built-in diving lips, rattles and actions will cover a specific depth range. With the bottom, lure selections like flipping jigs, jigheads and deep diving crankbaits cover the bottom of the water column and probe the bottom for enticing hook ups

So no matter what you're fishing for, be it bass, walleye, perch, pike or panfish, the water column is used by all. So having a good selection of baits for each of the three columns will allow you to cover more water and increase your chances of boating more fish. Don't count on one presentation, take advantage of and use the entire water column to increase your chances of filling your limit or filling the pan

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