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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Fishing Submerged Weed Lines

By Nic DiGravio

bass fishingIn our search for Bass, submerged distinct weed lines should not be overlooked in pursuing either the Largemouth or the Smallmouth.  When I come across prime weed lines I get excited. My heart starts to race because I know somewhere in that weed growth lurks a dandy Bass!  That is how much confidence I have in a good ‘distinct’ submerged weed line. 

There are basically two types of weed lines, above the water surface and below.  Although weed lines above the surface are quite productive, submerged distinct weed lines have more potential for holding good numbers and sizes of Bass. This happens more so in the warmer months of the year.  The reason for this is because it gets less fishing pressure since it’s harder to spot under the waters surface unless you’re right on top of it.  To me, the deeper the water with submerged weeds lines the better especially when the weeds extend all the way to the surface.  It is a bonus feature in my books!

Now my interpretation of a prime distinct weed line is exactly what it states with the key word being ‘distinct’.  With the aid of polarized sun glasses you should be able distinguish where the weed line basically ends and hopefully starts let alone find one.  A distinct wall of submerged weed growth in 4 to 8 feet of water is prime real estate and the more lineal footage of it the better! 

Any submerged weed line is good fishing, but good characteristics like, dense weed growth, inside weed pockets, weed free ‘travel ways’, gravel or boulder infested weed bottoms all are excellent features to look for.  Areas that are different in any way will hold more potential. 

A fast bait approach will take the active Bass.  Baits like the crank bait, spinner bait and jerk bait will do well worked erratically on the outside edge.  They should be fished first because I feel that active Bass would no longer be active if spooked by our close proximity.  They will be the Bass in the open or just inside the weeds waiting impatiently for their next meal.  Fast baits don’t give the Bass time to think, just react and that is the key!  Slow baits such as craws, tubes, worms, or virtually any plastics your fishing heart desires will suffice nicely when worked properly.  Soft jerk baits can be finessed on the open edge by letting them glide slowly down to the bottom.  Other plastics can be tossed into the inside pockets or the outer edge or right into the matted weeds when rigged weed less.  They would have to be weighted to get through the weeds to the bottom, but with just enough weight to do so.  Drag a tube in the clean outer edge creating a debris cloud and that should be all it takes to get a Bass cured of its ‘lock jaw’! 

Every lake is different giving us different submerged weed line potential.  But not all lakes have good weed line distinction so we as Bass anglers must explore and find them!  And if and when you do find one then you too will start to get butterflies in your stomach as I do because the harder structure like this is to find the more prone the ‘hawgs’ are to smacking our baits!  That just makes good Bass sense!

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