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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Using the wind for largemouth

By Nic Digravio

Nic DiGravioYou've heard of a 'Walleye chop' right! Well, why not a 'Largemouth chop'. "Okay", so it doesn't sound good, but the proof is in the livewell.

One windy day on Buckhorn Lake my partner and I stumbled upon a bay riddled with weeds. I remember the wind, and how frustrating it was to control the boat. The wind was making it very hard for the autopilot on the bowmount to keep it's course. Eventually we gave up and just used the wind to drift the boat across the bay and we flipped and pitched into the pockets as we approached them. Needless to say, this technique worked. I just used the bowmount to line us up for potential pockets and let the wind do the rest. Here are some ways to put you on 'windy' bass.

If you spot a clump of lily pads in a windy bay, let the wind do the work of taking you to them. As you get there start your casts with a spinner bait around the edges from a distance and as you get closer to your target use your finesse baits or your plastics rigged weedless. Don't be afraid to let the wind drag you right into the weeds until you can't go any further. It has to be better than cutting your way in with the bow mount. After you've fished the weeds thoroughly, slice your way out and do the same 50 or so yards up or down the weed edge.

Another way the wind can put Largemouth in the boat, is combined with 'fast baits'. By fast baits I mean your spinner baits, crankbaits, jerk baits etc. The combination of any of these baits and wind makes for a great arsenal. As you're drifting, cast your bait with the wind keeping in mind that you must reel in a little quicker to make up for the wind speed. If there are a lot of weeds in an area use spinner baits with willow leaf blades so that you can rip it through the weeds. This type of fishing covers a lot of water fast and it finds fish. It's like going trolling for bass, and we all know you can't troll for bass in tournaments, but this is the next best thing.

When you're fishing undercut banks, even lily pads or any kind of floating debris and it's windy, check to see where the wind is coming from. Look for any signs of current created by it and you've got yourself a bass magnet. I am partial to lily pads with current effect because this is ambush territory. The wind stirs up organisms which stirs up baitfish and guess who's trailing their behinds? Good old 'bucketmouth'.

That 'darn wind' can sure put a damper on your day of fishing can't it. But if you let it, it will. The next time you are at your favorite lake and you find it to be a little 'windy', don't worry about it. Wind doesn't just stir up a Walleye bite, it does wonders for Largemouth as well. So use the wind to your advantage, at least you're still 'FISHING'. Now get out there and use the wind to put fish in your livewell. After all, "A 'windy' day fishing is better than a 'windy' day at work."

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