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bass fishing resource tackle tips


Jennifer Spurgeon

Tournament Angling

By Nic DiGravio

This year's tournament trail has been a great learning experience for me. I still have much more to learn for sure, but the one thing that sticks out most of all in my mind is the thrill of the sport itself. Competition and challenge is the key to any sport and tournament angling has it all. The morning blast off alone is like NASCAR on water, not to mention the speeds achieved by some of these beautiful bass boats. I remember doing about 68 mph and having this boat roar by me like I was a Sunday driver.

Think about tournament fishing like a poker game, strategy, timing, planning and who ever has the best hand wins right. Well in Bass tournaments whoever has the most weight wins. You never know what fish or card you are going to pull up, but keep in mind that knowledge of the game is were it's at! Being the "Maverick" of these tournaments can give you an edge. Mind you there are days when no matter what you do the fish just won't co-operate. Then there are the fronts, temperature changes and so on, but that's what makes it so competitive. You can do your pre-fish of course, but let me tell you, when the time comes those fish still might not be there come tournament time. These are just some of the quirks you go through and we haven't even touched on lures yet!

Believe it or not tournament angling is very hard on an angler. There is fierce competition out there and you can sense it. The night before you find yourself getting the jitters trying to focus. You ask yourself many questions, only you know they won't be answered until morning, maybe! Even if you do great the first day placing in the top ten, the next day things might totally turn around and you find yourself in 27th, which was my scenario at the classic this year. It goes to show you that tournament angling is definitely tough fishing. Win, lose, top ten or top 30, whatever the outcome, tournament angling is still a thrill.

Hopefully through the years to come there will be some great lessons taught and some great lessons learned, but no matter what no other sport gives me the kind of 'buzz' I get from tournament angling. It's a blast for me!

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