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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


The Texas Rig

By Nic DiGravio

texas rig - bass fishing tackle

The Texas rig is the most widely used rig in Bass fishing.  As a matter of fact, the Texas rig is a common denominator in many other different rigging techniques such as, the Carolina rig, drop shot rig and the shaky rig to name a few.  It is an essential way of rigging our offering for the Bass, which mostly inhabit snag prone structure.  And in order to get to them we must rig accordingly, and that is Texas style. 

Rigging Texas doesn’t require skills beyond comprehension; it’s as easy as pie!  But still many don’t quite understand its make up.  I constantly see anglers probing the outskirts of weed patches and stump infested waters and look at me while fishing such areas like I was from Pluto!  Texas rigging is just the cure for that dreaded snag syndrome! 

I remember a particular day fishing a lily patch and watching a young boy and his grandfather fishing just outside the particular patch I was in.  I can tell the boy was mustering up the courage to ask what, or mostly, how I was hooking into these Bass.  He must have wondered how on earth I was fishing such matted snag infested waters without so much as a hang up.  He eventually asked how I was performing this miracle and after I explained the Texas rig to him and how and why it worked his little face lit up like a firefly!  He was just tickled pink and was dying to get to the weeds and try his newly learned technique for catching Bass.  It is situations like these that drive me to do what I do and I must say it sure feels good inside watching the results!

Texas rigging has been around for a long time with many different variations.  You can embed the hook for your heavy cover Bass or you can protrude the hook through the plastic then burry the hook back in the bait for a good quick hook set.  Either way, this rig has versatility in its usage for all applications.  Texas rigging and Bass fishing are one!  As I get older I find that the same lakes I have been fishing over the many years have become more and more infested with weeds.  So when the fishing scenarios change then so must our Bass fishing methods if we are to be successful.  That is why the Texas rig has never been so popular.  It is the best way of dealing with dreaded weed problems.  But in my eyes it is not a problem what so ever.  On the contrary, it is welcomed with open arms! 

Texas rigging is so simple its mind boggling!  On its own, with just the offset hook and bait, it is quite lethal!  Finessing in this manner is very effective.  But with thick weeds and deeper water present we need the ability to get through to the bottom therefore weight is added to the rig to get the plastic down to where the fish are. Normally, this is done with a bullet weight.  There are many different ways of weighting our Texas rig and they are all effective in many scenarios.  Allowing the weight to move about on our main line is favoured when the lake bottom is silty so that the weight can be buried with the plastic still revealed to the Bass.  A firmer bottomed lake is better fished with the weight either screwed into the plastic itself or kept stationary by inserting a toothpick into its hole to help keep it where we set it.  The screw on or better known as the Florida rig helps keep the bait from sliding off the hook when the Bass take it.  Either weight application is all part of the make up of this great Bass catching rig. 

texas rig - bass fishing tackleRigging Texas requires three basic steps.  First, we penetrate the tip of the plastic, about 3\8’s of an inch.  Then expose the hook again and slide the plastic to the eye of the hook, then burying it altogether.  Now, we eye up the point of the hook to the plastic and embed the hook into the bait.  When done right the bait should look straight and true with the only difference being an added hook. 

Hopefully, Texas rigging basics will find its way into helping more and more of the young and old Bass anglers of today in catching more Bass.  It is amazingly simple and easy to master and essential for success on the waters of the new millennium.  Weeds…lumber…bring it on!  Now you’re ready for whatever Mr. Bass can dish out! 

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