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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Bait Cast or spinning

By Nic DiGravio

Well, I can tell you my personal favorite hands down is the bait cast. Now, that isn't always the right choice, because for certain situations spinning gear is the way to go. Every scenario is different and that means different techniques and different reels to get the job done right. It's also, which feels most comfortable to you that effect the decision.

Now, with crankbaits, stick baits, spinnerbaits, basically any type of bait other than small plastics, I will surely use a baitcasting outfit to get it out there. When fishing largemouth I always have one in hand. I will finesse with it as well, so long as the bait itself has enough weight to do so. I will flip with a 1/2 ounce weighted rig or even as light as a 3/8 ounce rig with the baitcasting reels. Any less and I will go to spinning gear. Basically, if you spend a little time with the bait cast and get comfortable using it, you will find that you can get better accuracy and sometimes just as far a distance casting as you can with spinning gear.

Spinning gear has some advantages too, so they are always on the boat during tournaments because there are certain types of patterns where bait casting gear will not be practical. Some guys I fish with use spinning gear exclusively and will not go near a baitcasting outfit. They always say the same thing. "How can you use those things, don't you get birds nests all the time?" I pitch and flip with my spinning gear for largemouth. I find that I am much more accurate doing this with spinning as opposed to the baitcast with light weighted rigs. And when I am fishing in smallmouth waters I will always be armed with spinning gear because drop shotting, tubing, or even dragging small baits along bottom, I think calls for this type of reel.

To use one type exclusively is, in my opinion, 'selling yourself short'. Whether in fishing tournaments or just for fun, isn't versatility what fishing is all about? I happen to think that being versatile is very important to being successful. When the fish demand a change of menu then you have to oblige or you will be left with a bad case of 'empty well syndrome'. And in tournaments, that means 'empty pockets'. Bottom line, for those of you who will not use baitcasting gear. "Try it, you'll like it!" For those of you who don't like spinning gear. "You're missin' out, big time!"

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