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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Spin Casting?

By Nic DiGravioSpin Casting - Bass Fishing

Can you say…..Spin Cast?  “I thought spin casting was for kids”!  Well, I am still a Bass kid at heart.  Besides, don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it! 

I have been spin casting all my young and adult life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  You should see the looks I get from my fellow competitors when they see my ‘toy’ reels on the boat deck.

If you want to finesse your baits then I suggest you try spin-casting reels for positioning your offerings to the Bass.  It has free spooling ease like no other.  The spinning reels cannot compare to spin cast outfits for this and this alone.  I even use 15lb braided line and it still gives me free spooling freedom to get that bait where I want it. 

The advantages are phenomenal when you think about it.  Distance is ‘child’s play’ and with the light weight offering capabilities it’s stealth abilities are amazing.  Like the bait casting reel it too is just as accurate.  And unlike the spinning reel the spin cast is much more controllable with the aid of the thumb brake.  Now, like any other reel out there in the market today there are good quality reels and mediocre reels to choose from and spin casting outfits are no exception.  Through my years of fishing and trying different brands I have finally found the one true spin-casting reel that is perfectly capable of my style of Bass fishing.

Spin Casting - Omega

The Omega made by Zebco is just right for my needs.  It is strong and durable with spool changeability which comes in handy.  A combination of the Omega, a medium heavy 6’ rod with 15lb-braided line is my idea of heaven.  I have pulled big bass out of thick cover with just as much ease as with any other combo, but the one advantage is stealth in the presentation.  No tangles or birds nests to tousle with just fishing.

Keeping the offering in the water as much as possible worry free is the key.  The one thing that we must keep in mind when using the spin cast reel is when reeling in we must use the rod to pump the fish in then reeling in the slack.  I do a lot of off shore Salmon fishing so this comes easy to me.  With the spin cast we can’t just reel in like other reels it has to be pumped then reeled.  This is all due to the closed face cap with the hole in the middle for line coming and going.  This type of rod pump fishing is awesome once you get used to it, not to mention the fact that it is the closed concept alone that keeps it tangle free and gives it that free spooling magic.  

The other great advantage to these reels is the thumb brake.  When one gets used to using it they are very handy.  The thumb brake is what gives the reel stealth and accuracy. Good quality spin casting reels such as the Omega has a rubber brake which rubs up against the inside of the closed face for fine tuning the cast. 

Bass Fishing - Spin CastingSpin cast fishing is versatile fishing at its best.  Whether you are skipping, finessing, dunking, flipping, pitching you name it, this type of reel will do it all.  Just try to keep in mind the pump and reel routine and with practice, like anything else, it will eventually become natural.  

The Spin casting reel is not just for kids.  Just like any other tool of the trade it has its place and time to be used.  Just ask any of the anglers that I have fished with!  They have seen the free spooling magic first hand not to mention the countless number of Bass it put in the live well!     

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