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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Sharing the joys of angling with your children.

Steve ChaissonBy Steve Chaisson

One of the most treasured gifts you can give a child is a love for fishing and the great outdoors. To teach a child to love fishing is a challenging task when you consider their short attention spans. Here are some tips to help maximize your opportunities of creating a fishing buddy for life...

1. Equipment - The simplest and best option for kids are closed face spincast reels. They are easy to handle and the most tangle free option when casting. Zebco has a great selection of spincast reels. Try the Rhino, Genesis, Pro Staff, or the 33.

2. Quantity not Quality - The quickest way to turn a child off is to have them fish for hours and hours for a couple of bites. Learn how to catch panfish since they're the easiest to locate and most abundant species, which ultimately means lots of action. Local ponds are great. There's nothing worse than driving two hours away and hearing, "I'm bored, can we go home?" Avoid the frustration and stay close to home

3. Live Bait - Panfish love live bait so bring some along.

4. Tackle - Bobbers are the easiest way for a kid to detect a bite. Balance the bobber so that it will go under with the slightest tug. A slip bobber makes it much easier to cast and safer for everyone. Use small hooks so that they can hook up with lots of fish. Six pound green Trilene Sensation is a great choice. It has strength and yet won't spook panfish. More importantly, it's easier for the kids to cast. If the bottom is relatively clear, a couple of split shots and a hook will work well. If you don't like live bait, try some small Berkley Micro Power Tubes or Grubs. It's hard to beat white, yellow, or chartreuse for panfish.

5. Friends - Let them bring a friend. They will usually entertain each other if the fishing slows down

6. Photo Star - Bring a camera and takes lots of pictures. Put their pictures in a photo album or place of prominence in your home. Praise goes a long way towards building a confident young angler. Practise CPR (catch, photograph, and release) and teach them how to preserve and care for our fishery. If you get a great shot, email it along to the probassfishing.ca Just For Kids Pic Post and we'll post it for your child to see. They will love to be on the Internet!

7. Special Treats - While they're out fishing, a special treat during and after the outing can be a subtle form of conditioning but if it works, go with it.

8. Let Them Fish - Leave your rod and reel at home and concentrate your efforts on teaching and talking with them. They need your time, not a demonstration of your abilities. You want to boost their self-esteem not ruin it.

9. KISSMIF - Keep it super simple, make it fun. If it's not fun, they will not want to come back.

10. The Casting Game - Kids love casting at targets. Set up a "9-hole casting course" in an open area. They will have fun, practise their skills, and be more successful on their fishing trip.

These ten little tips should help you get your youngster started and increase your chances of finding a fishing buddy for life.

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