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bass fishing resource tackle tips


Best Rod and Reel ‘Combo’ of the ’07 Season

By Nic DiGravio

 Best bass fishing Rod-Reel combo

In my opinion the best combo of the ‘07 season is the Chronarch 100B from Shimano teamed with the Quantum 6’6” medium heavy PT Kevin Van Dam signature series rod.  “Now there’s a mouth full”!  This combination is an excellent match, making it the most memorable from this past season.  I have many combos on board in any given outing, but when I put the Chronarch and Quantum combo in my hands it feels right!  You never know how good you have it until you try something else!  It has something special, a confidence boost, and we all know darn well that confidence plays a major role in success! 

The Chronarch and Quantum duo is solid!  It can take on anything the Bass can dish out!  The Quantum PT Kevin Van Dam series 6’6” medium heavy rod makes an excellent ‘meat and potatoes’ rod.  It gives me that extra confidence in its versatility and its ability to bring the Bass home.  I originally was looking for a heavy 6’6” rod for close proximity pitching and flipping, but when this Quantum PT signature rod was put in my hands I knew darn well that with my newly acquired Chronarch 100B it was a match made in heaven!  For the money, Quantum makes a good affordable strong and light rod in the PT series. The relatively new Quantum PT Kevin Van Dam 6’6” medium heavy series is all the rod I need for a good reasonable price!  I have put this rod to the test, getting big Bass out of heavy cover and the best part of all is I didn’t spend a fortune!

I have had good success with the Chronarch family from Shimano so I thought I would try the same make but a different model and sure enough, it was a perfect addition to the family.  The cast is magic and for pitching and flipping it is definitely a work horse, but yet smooth.  There is no job the Chronarch 100B can’t do and that is money well spent in my eyes.  With its sleek ‘gun blued’ look it looks as good as it performs.  The Shimanos quick release pivoting spool cover makes it easy and simple to fine tune to my liking without sacrificing precious time.  This unique feature is adopted into many of Shimanos bait casting reels because it’s simple and practical, not to mention ingenious!  The Chronarch 100B is a consistent performer with no fussing every 2nd or 3rd cast or pitch.  It stays put to my setting!  That alone is what I think makes the difference in a good quality reel. 

Nothing is more frustrating than having to constantly fine tune a bait casting reel while using the same bait with the same surrounding scenario.  The ‘science’, if you will or the technology of a reel doesn’t mean much to me if it doesn’t feel right and perform with that utmost consistency.  The dollars spent on a good performing reel doesn’t need to be in the hundreds!  I still have bait casting reels that, to this day, perform consistently after many years and I spent a little more than a hundred dollars including tax.  So basically, you never really know what you get until you are out on the water working it. 

That’s where I come in!  You might say that I am the ‘tackle test dummy’ of fishing and believe me…. I put them to the test!  I experiment constantly with different reels and rod combinations to try to come up with an affordable consistent performer that I think will make a good team to help us get that Bass on the end of our lines.  And let’s not forget having the ability to land it without mortgaging the house!  I do not get exclusive support from one reel or rod company.  This gives me the freedom to choose what I think will work best for certain or all fishing situations.  I am able to broaden my rod and reel spectrum this way.  I have combos of many makes and models ranging from $250.00 to $1500.00 and when tournament fishing or just doing what I do best, experimenting, I don’t look at price tags when I reach for them, I go for the right combo for the job!

Shimano’s Chronarch 100B teamed up with the Quantum PT Kevin Van Dam 6’6” medium heavy rod is a good buy, in my opinion.  This combo is well priced making it a good sound investment for many years of Bass fishing with the all important versatility factors to make this particular combo do what you want! 

I am getting geared up for another experimental season with mixes and matches of baits and tackle to help our readers decide what’s best for them.  It is a passion for me to write about my findings and bring it to anglers like you so that together we can come up with a remedy for the dreaded ‘empty well syndrome’!  Try out the Chronarch and Quantum combo for yourself and you will see and feel why I named it the combo of the year! 

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