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bass fishing resource tackle tips


A Reel Christmas

By Nic DiGravio

core fishing reelsDeck the halls with lots of reels!  Now that’s my idea of a reel Christmas; you bet!  Now, which one should I choose, a bait caster or a spinning reel, or both?

For starters, let’s consider Shimano brands for now.  The Core is a sweet little bait casting reel that is a dream to use.  Light weight and strong are its best traits and it will do just fine in every fishing scenario you can throw at it.  It’s an excellent reel and worth every single penny!


saros fishing reelIf spinning is your cup of tea, then Shimanos Saros is just the ticket.  It will fit any Bass angler’s budget and is also a smooth enjoyable spinning reel to use.  They come in different sizes for whatever the fishing circumstances.  I particularly enjoy using the 1000.  It’s a good all around size for me.  I know the Saros would put a smile on any Bass anglers face come Christmas no matter how many they already have.  You can never have enough of a good product!



Quantum has good affordability in their Kinetic spinning reels.  For under a hundred dollars this reel is perfect.  The Kinetic is a strong solid spinning reel with a dependable drag to pull any hawg out of heavy cover.  Yet it is light enough to fit the bill when it comes to finesse fishing or shaky rigging, for example. I have put many Smallmouth Bass in the boat with the Quantum Kinetic and it has not let me down.  It is a durable reel that will get the job done!kinetic fishing reel


Another good reel that should fit the Christmas budget is the Six Rivers bait casting reel from Browning.  It features good smooth 6.4:1 ratio reeling which is excellent for finessed baits.  It can cast effortlessly and has the back bone and speed all in one to help aid us in getting that Bass in the live well.

six rivers reel

Speaking of live well, if Santa’s listening, I would love my live well full of Bass every outing next season and also another Core, Saros, Kinetic, Six Rivers reel please!  Oh, don’t forget a Diawa Steez trigger rod to go with every one of my ‘newer’ reels.  “Did I say please?”

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