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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Purchasing Tackle Online

By Nic DiGravio

bass fishing tacklePurchasing tackle on line is easy, quick and painless!  I know, because I have been doing it for years!  I find it convenient and, most of all, there is yet to be a time when I get the dreaded, “Sorry, we’re out of them!”  On line purchasing gives me buying power at my finger tips.  There is no fuss……. just direct right to my door service!

I remember purchasing plastics from a local tackle shop during a pre-fish.  I do this from time to time to see what is hot and not in a particular lake, or if something catches my eye.  I purchased the last two packages of this plastic minnow bait that proved to be a hit during the pre-fish. I tried to find more for the coming tournament with no luck. I thought, “It’s a good thing I saved a few for the competition ahead!”  This product worked so well that if they had had ten packs at that tackle shop I would have purchased them all.  I trust my instincts because it put Bass after Bass in the live well and placed us in sixth place with the prize for Biggest Bass of the day. 

Devastated by the fact that my supply of this plastic wonder was depleted, I found myself staring into an empty pack desperately hoping more would miraculously appear! What did appear were the letters WWW.YOUCANGETMOREHERE......DUMMY.COM! A no-brainer!  I went on line and purchased bags of these miraculous plastics.  It was so easy that I began purchasing many different products on line!  It got to a point where I would search out tackle through search engines to read different perspectives of each product.  I think reading then purchasing on line is a good combo because it gives us anglers’ choice in different product scenarios and usage.  What better way to shop!  We read about it and in the same page we can purchase it.  That makes good Bass sense in my book! 

Why do some anglers shy away from on line purchasing?  Are we worried?  Perhaps we are afraid of fraud or identity theft!  Or the future!  If we think about it, how many of us do our banking on line?  I do!  And without a fear in the world I might add!  Financial institutions are on line because it is easy and convenient…..and painless! 

I constantly search the web for new products to put to the test.  And if they are successful in filling my live well then I write about my findings for readers to judge for themselves.  Maybe it’s worthy of occupying space in your tackle box as well?  Trust plays a major roll here, but by reading between the lines readers can find sincerity in words.   

Purchasing Tackle on line has its advantages.  The World Wide Web is a fountain of knowledge.  When I was growing up fishing knowledge was limited.  Basically, it was the word of mouth for secret spots and secret baits!  Getting my first desk top computer complete with the internet cracked all the secrets and spewed page after page of tackle galore.  And all at the click of a mouse!   

Moral of the story is; step right up, don’t be afraid!  Read up on the product and if satisfied..... ‘Click’ on the product!   It’s as easy and painless as that! Happy shopping!

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