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Lake Muskoka Bass

muskoka large mouthBy Nic DiGravio

Lake Muskoka, in Ontario's Near North isn't just known for beautiful sunsets, islands and elaborate cottages. It is also known for the great fishing it has to offer. Pike, Lake Trout and Walleye are not the only sought after fish in Muskoka Lake. The bass fishing is nothing short of spectacular.

The almighty Small Mouth Bass is very plentiful in Muskoka and they are a good size, not to mention "scrappy" too. A good place to start fishing for Small Mouth can be any of the hundreds of docks that dot along the lake. The dock fishing in Muskoka is second to none. The bass hold up under the docks all season long because the baitfish and temperature is just right to sustain them comfortably. The Muskoka shoreline is filled with Small Mouth territory. Yet it is so under fished that I am always overwhelmed at the lack of fishing pressure these fish receive.

If you are adventurous, then the vast majority of mid lake humps in Muskoka is just what the doctor ordered. Mid lake humps are a fish magnet. Whether you like to anchor, bottom bounce, drift or even cast with artificials these Muskoka humps hold some good numbers and sizes of Small Mouth Bass.

The Muskoka Large Mouth is so under fished that when fishing for them, I am trulymuskoka small mouth alone. Some of the cottagers say that there are no Large Mouth around. Then they see me pull one out from under their dock. They are shocked and surprised each time it happens.They even take the time to watch me to make sure the fish is put back into the water, but not without a 'kiss'. This tells me that the people of Muskoka take good care of their fishery and with cottagers like that; these Large Mouth Bass will always have a well protected home under their docks.

During the 2003 Muskoka Classic, I took a 5lb plus Large Mouth. With this fish I thought I would, at the very least, win big fish with it that day. Later at the weigh in, I was beat by a half a pound or so. To my surprise, that alone is proof that there are 'big' bucket mouths in this lake.

muskoka small mouthMuskoka's bass are well guarded by the people of this great lake and rightly so. If you do get the chance to fish for bass in Muskoka be sure to take pictures of them not picture them in your fry pan. Practice live release and we will all be rewarded time and time again with this fantastic fishery.

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