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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


In the thick of things

By Nic DiGravio

Well, here I am on my trusty lap top thinking to myself, "I wish I was in some form of slop, in any lake, anywhere, doing what I love to do most often, and that is FISH. You know, you would be surprised how many bucket mouth you can pull out of the thick, and I mean 'thick' weed growth.

I'll never forget one day when I was fishing the outer edges of this thick weed clump and a cast landed way off target. It ended up in slop that was so thick that I thought the lure landed in 3 inches of water. Seconds after the lure hit the water, there was this overwhelming 'swoosh'. After I came to, I boated this beautiful 3lb Largemouth. Needless to say, my partner looked at me with an expression of "What? No way". This particular real estate coughed up a good number of bass in a very short time. Never have I witnessed anything like that day. Since then I will never pass up thick matted weeds . If it looks too shallow, cast anyway, you never know what could be lurking under there.

The key to success in this situation is the temperature of the water. On the day of heaven I mentioned above, the water temperature was a 'balmy' 89 degrees. With the water temperature so high it makes perfect sense that the largemouth were there. The water above the weeds was too hot, but with the thick cover, the bass were perfectly comfortable down under. Take your time in these conditions because the bass need it. Give them time to hone in on the target, then nail it good.

This type of fishing calls for good tackle made for making long casts. The reason being, the farther away the cast, the less the bass will be spooked. If you plant your offerings right, the bass will be totally at ease. Being the opportunists that we know they are they may be thinking some frog is going for a swim or a seagull has dropped it's lunch for them to eat. I prefer to use the Calcutta T.E which casts a mile, with 15lb Power Pro braided line and for a rod, the nod would go to a medium heavy 6'6" Quantum Tour edition. If I can bring them in using this combo, anyone can.

If you are adventurous in any way you will find that every day on the water brings you knowledge, discovery and versatility. Open your mind to 'different' methods of fishing, 'different' types of tackle, and use it in 'different' situations, it will make your outings much more fun and interesting, to say the least.

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