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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Going where the action is.

Mike ReidBy MERCURY PRO Mike Reid

Picture this, you're fishing in a nice calm back bay, the surface of the water is like glass and you're not at work! Suddenly the surface starts to boil with baitfish and you're right in casting distance. What do you do?

I have to admit, nothing can get an anglers imagination running faster than seeing the surface of the water start to boil with bait fish and wonder how big the bass are that are pushing them to the surface.

Your first thought or instinct might be to grab your favorite top water bait and get right in the middle of the action. Now there's nothing wrong with that thought, it can produce fish for you. By twitching and darting your bait through the crowd you can produce a strike or a hook up. But, more often than not, it will be a smaller more aggressive fish, because normally it will be the smaller fish that are chasing the baitfish. The bigger bass will follow under the smaller feeding fish. Normally , the larger fish will trail the smaller speedier fish and remain a little deeper. Larger bass will rarely get in on the surface action, they choose to hold back and wait for the wounded baitfish to fall

A different approach to this surface action might be to cast a dead stick type of bait, like a Senko. Cast it a little past the action and allow it to sink, then slowly bring it under the action. Also, you can try a sinking jerk bait, be it plastic or body bait, and radically retrieve it under the fish above.

So if you're up for the challenge and can 'resist' the action on top, try taking your fishing to a lower level and hang out with the big boys.

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