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bass fishing resource tackle tips


Dunkin Largemouth

"Dunkin' Success for Largemouth.

By Nic DiGravio

A bright hot, sunny August day calls for a certain pattern to put Largemouth in the live well. That's when 'dunking' comes into play. A bay or a whole lake for that matter, matted with weeds could send many of the hearty bass anglers home in frustration, but a true Bass angler welcomes the challenge!

Dunking requires simple tools for simple tactics. The first and most important tool is a long trigger rod. Keep in mind that you will be reaching for pockets in the weed growth so try to use something lengthy, but light and strong. I am 5'6" and a 6'10" or 7' rod is plenty long enough for my arms to hold all day. A good choice would be a heavy action Quantum P.T tour edition trigger rod or a Shimano Crucial heavy action extra fast rod. Both rods are light and tough and you won't tire yourself wrestling with them all day. For reel selection, well, for dunking Largemouth I think it really doesn't matter what type of bait cast reel you use because, as I will explain, it's all in the rod, the line and you!

The Bass hide in the weeds during sunny hot days and keep themselves nice and cool under the canopy of weed growth, so the more weeds the better. Dunking works best in relatively shallow water say, 6 to 8ft. Deeper water can be dunked if one has arms and a rod long enough. The simple trick to dunking is basically freeing up just enough line from the reel so as to touch bottom then engaging it while having your free hand and the rod to do the rest. With your bait on bottom and the rod just above the water give your rod a few tugs to give the bait some life, then without using your reel, pull the bait swiftly out of the water using the length of your rod. At the same time the other hand pulls away the line as opposed to reeling the line in. To submerge the bait keep your rod tip up and your bait dangling about mid rod length and direct it to the next pocket while letting go of the line so that the bait can work its way down to bottom once again. This is done as you're drifting or using the bow mount to move you about. You can imagine how thankful you'll be for purchasing a light strong rod!

A shore line thick with pencil reeds and bulrush is prime 'dunkin' area too. Sometimes pitching and flipping the inner pockets of these weeds just isn't enough to get the big hogs to take the bait, you have to get deeper and deeper to get to the Bass. Basically extend your arm and rod as far as you can reach then disengage the reel to drop the bait into the thick of it. Engage the reel, and without reeling in line, use the rod, while grasping the line to pull the bait out and drop once again into the next pocket. This method of dunking was responsible for two of the top 4 finishes in a tournament that I will never forget. A 4th place finish left my 'butt' awful sore from me kicking myself over and over again! I was dunking off shore, not in shore for my Bass, but keep in mind that dunking alone was responsible for 3 of the 4 top placements.

We all know that logic is a key factor in any type of fishing. Who would have thought that such an easy method of catching Bass could exist! But believe it or not the simplicity in dunking for Largemouth is just that, 'logical'!

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