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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Choosing a new boat.

By Brock Parker

Looking for a new boat, but just can't decide on what you want or where to look?

These days the technology in boats is unbelievable and it can also be costly. There are boats for every type of fishing, from down rigging, to walleye tournament boats to pan fish to the conventional 12-foot aluminum.

Now, if you're looking at getting into bass tournaments, there are several boats to choose from! If you've been around some of the bass tournaments in southern/northern Ontario, you have seen what kind of equipment is on today's competitor's rig. Just remember bigger is not always better. Some think that the bigger the boat the safer it is out in the lakes. Lots of companies have even brought out the 22 foot that hold a 250 horsepower or more. That's fine but try controlling that kind of boat around a dock or in tight cover.

To me the 20 to 21 foot is most popular and the most practical of all. Usually they are equipped with 200 to 225 horsepower, which is plenty of power to get to that spot. Sure the bigger boats are better in the larger waters such as lake Erie or Ontario, but a 20-foot can handle those waters if driven correctly. When it comes to deciding on a bass boat, there is something for everyone. When purchasing, remember speed isn't everything either!! You should look for comfort, reliability, and a company that takes great pride in their work. Look at some of the brand names that sponsor tournaments. Better yet ask some of the tournament competitors what they think of their boats.

Another terrific place to look is The Toronto Fishing Show, which takes place in late February. There are all kinds of dealers who would gladly give you information to help you make your choice. Remember, you don't have to go straight to a dealer who's looking to get you a super finance deal! You can look at your local tackle shops, the boat trader, or talk to professional competitors looking to trade up. If you are watching a weigh-in at a tournament ask around, the competitors are very friendly and usually love sharing advice.

Some people steer away from purchasing a used tournament boat because they think it's been beat up. Think again! What kind of person makes sure there boat is 100 percent ready to go every weekend? A competitor! So buying a used tournament boat could benefit you. It gets serviced regularly and is kept in top-notch shape, ready to win that big tournament.

Finding that dream boat can be easier then you think!

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