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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


The Best Bass Fishing Combo of the 2008 Season

By Nic DiGravio

bass fishing tackle

The Saros 1000F spinning reel and the Cumara medium extra fast rod makes an excellent shaky combo.  This year, both these Shimano products are combined to give smooth, strong and feather light Bass fishing action that feels perfect for the task at hand. 

For a shaky combo the Saros1000F is hard to beat in a spinning reel.  It has plenty of 6lb Fluorocarbon line capacity which is a major part of the shaky rig too.  Casting is made easy, reeling is a pleasure and fighting a feisty Smallmouth Bass is a blast with it.  A good strong and reliable drag is a must when a scrappy Smallie is on the end of our line and with the Saros 1000F it seems effortless.

Shimanos Cumara medium extra fast spinning rod is ideal. It feels like it is an extension of my arm.  Comfort and durability and an all day delight just about sums up the feel of these fine rods.  Either the 6’8” or the 7’2” has been used, but for me, the 7’2” shines with that extra length of hinged tip elasticity for the prolonged shaking.  Every little bit helps in shaking.  The Cumara makes an excellent fit for the Saros reel and they compliment each other.

Trust me, go to your nearest tackle shop and put a Shimano Saros 1000F and Cumara medium extra fast combo in your hands and tell me it doesn’t feel good.  Now fill it with Seaguar 6lb fluorocarbon and you are good to go! 

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