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Bass n' Fun

Bass Fishing

By Nic DiGravio

"Our time spent on the water is worth writing about. The knowledge we gain from our experiences helps us become better teachers and at the same time better students. Because you never stop learning, the more time we spend out on the vast lakes this country has to offer the more adventurous and versatile we become".

Having said that, there is still one very important ingredient that I can't stress enough and that is having FUN! A "big or small I love them all" attitude and putting the word fun in your recipe for success will keep you smiling throughout your day no matter what the outcome. Whether I am competing or just 'Bass fishing' I try my best to keep this important attitude for all my outings.

Let's ask ourselves. "Why do we fish for Bass?" Is it because we love it? And if we do, then isn't having fun doing it part of the reason why we love it! Some of us forget to keep fun in our outings. Putting fun back in Bass fishing will keep us on the water, which will give us more knowledge and in turn more confidence. That makes an excellent recipe for success!

Bassn funThrough the years I have fished with many different people from Pros to weekend anglers and I think that I have come up with the right recipe for me. By trying to have fun on tournament days it keeps my mind clear and focused as opposed to bogging it down with negativity. The combination of working hard and having fun on the water is a great asset. Hard work is rewarding and it's even more so when I'm having fun doing it.

Try implementing these simple tactics into your Bass fishing and you will find that smiling comes pretty easy!

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