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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Bass In the grass

By Justin Toth

'Grass' is probably one of the most beneficial types of cover for Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass. It is not only a perfect addition to the cover that bass utilize but it is also a great source of shade, oxygen and food supply as well. If you think about it, the food supply for bass lives, breeds and survives in vegetation.

The most difficult part of fishing 'grass' is learning to know the different types and where each is located. Not understanding this can lead you astray. Bass can and will live anywhere in grassy beds but there are certain things you should concentrate on before fishing that kind of location. I find the best thing to look for is a combination of weed and other structure. 'Grass' combined with sunken logs, stumps, points, shoals, rock beds, docks or humps are good choices.

Another thing to keep in mind when fishing 'grass' is making sure it's not dead. If it is then it will not produce many fish because there is no longer a good supply of oxygen. If there are fish, they will most likely be small ones rummaging around.


Some of my favorite lures to throw through the 'grass' are Black Mamba baits rigged weedless or spinner baits with strictly willow leaf blades. Willow leaf blades tend to pick up less weed than other types. My all time favorite is a Scum Frog fished on the surface. When the 'green stuff' is just starting to come up and is not yet at the surface of the water, any top water bait will do just fine. If you're fishing 'grass' in the depths try drop-shotting Finesse Minnows just above it or tapping a Senko right in it.

A 'grassy' river system is great structure to fish for bass. I've found this wonderful stuff in the river to be extremely productive for Smallmouth Bass.

The current of the water keeps the grass bent over like a canopy laying straight with the flow. When this effect happens, back eddies are created holding small mouth.

Bait fish love to feed on the plankton that get caught in the grass. If bait fish are there, so are the bass that feed on them, hanging out in the cover. In this type of situation I try to mimic the bait fish by using a Storm Finesse Minnow or Rapala Hard-body bait. This usually has a spectacular effect.

So I strongly advise that if you get the chance, never let the 'grass' pass!

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