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bass fishing resource tackle tips


Another Bass Anglers christmas

By Nic DiGravio

bass fishing luresFor Bass anglers in Ontario Christmas comes twice a year; December and Bass opener!  The only difference is during the opener every Bass caught is a gift and on December 25 we anglers get the gifts that keep on giving.  Bass after Bass!

Speaking of gifts, what do you want for Christmas?  Well, let me tell you what I would like.  A tree filled with illuminated lures makes a good start.  How about a lure mistletoe!  Now I would even kiss a frog under one of them; a 'plastic’ frog that is!  Or better yet!  How about decking the halls with lots of lures!  Now we’re talking!

All Bass anglers have a wish list.  Let’s not kid ourselves!  Remember, in Bass fishing there is no such thing as too much tackle.  That’s an old ‘WIVES’ tale! 

For the shoppers out there that are looking for ideas for that special person we will touch on a few lures that could fill a sock with joy, not to mention put a smile on a Bass anglers face!

bass fishing lures

Here we have a selection of lures that pretty-well covers most of the water column.  A Bass angler’s tackle box can sure use these gems.   They are all proven baits that work so put them to work for your Bass angler!

  1. The Tennessee Shad by Matzuo is impressive!  And not just the finish.  It’s the ability to catch Bass.  Smallmouth holding in drop offs are no match for this crank bait!  It will make a good addition to your special anglers tackle box!
  1. Cotton Cordell medium divers have been around for years and still catch fish today!  If your angler fishes Lake Erie then this little gem is a must have!  You can troll it or cast it.  This lure puts Bass in the live well.  Be prepared to be thanked over and over again especially through the summer!
  1. Rapala has been around the fishing block!  The fairly new Glass Fat Rap with its 3D mesmerizing look has its advantages.  It can be seen and heard from a distance which makes for a good arsenal for your favourite Bass angler!
  1. The DT series craw pattern by Rapala is a great deep crank bait that a Bass angler can use!  Deep holding Bass can’t hide from this tool of the trade.  It makes a great gift for his or her tackle box!
  1. Berkley with their Frenzy series crank baits have been filling my live well since their beginning!  They are a proven bait in drop offs and boulder infested waters. Another must have for any Bass angler!
  1. The Bass dinner bell is loud and clear with the Rattlin’ Rap by Rapala.  Its tight wiggle is its best feature.  The Bass angler can fish it fast or fish it slow.  It will catch your special someone fish! 
  1. The Husky Jerk bait by Rapala in fire tiger chartreuse is an excellent gift for your favourite angler!  Throw this twitch bait off the cottage dock and see how it keeps on giving.
  1. For that special loved one in your life give them a Lucky Craft Live Eye series minnow bait and watch the grin get bigger and bigger before your eyes!  Come Bass opener this gift will be worth every dollar spent!
  1. Top water baits like the Spro Chug Minnow are eye candy to any Bass angler, young or old.  This bait works as good as it looks.  Not even Santa can top this gift!

  2. My personal favourite, the Zara Spook will become your Bass angler’s best friend.  Top water fishing at its finest!  This is truly a gift that keeps on giving! 

Any or all of these baits make great gift ideas that will satisfy the heartiest of anglers.  And come Bass opener your special Bass angler will thank you again and again!  They are good sound investments that are worth every penny especially when backed with a smile!

To all our readers; wishing you a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy fishing New Year from all of us at Pro Bass Fishing.ca! 

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