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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Bass anglers Christmas Wish List

By Nic DiGravio

Tackle in a stocking, a reel under the tree, or a trigger rod wrapped in Christmas red paper waiting to be opened by the young and old Bass anglers of today! For the Bass fanatics in your life Christmas giving is made easy!

Bass Wish List

It’s as simple as going to your nearest tackle shop or surfing the World Wide Web to find out what a Bass angler would want. He or she can never have too much because when it comes to tackle, the more the better! You never know when we might need more than one! ‘Never know, my foot’, we need more than one! Tackle of any kind is the gift that truly keeps on giving over and over again. If you happen to buy him or her something that they already have they will still thank you. I know I would! Rarely do I fish a lure with out having 2 or 3 more in the tackle box or fish plastics without more packs as back up. You see, when Bass fishing the Bass angler might need more than one hot lure or one pack of plastics especially when the bite is on.

For the young Bass angler e-books downloaded from the web or books off the shelf are a good start. Reading the 'how-tos' of Bass fishing will start them off with some knowledge of the sport. There are an endless number of books to download or purchase for the more experienced Bass angler as well. Books on Bass fishing with more detail are good choices for them.

Christmas gift giving with tackle is endless, but small specific tools are great gift ideas too. Maybe I can help a little, and set you up for your Christmas shopping. Keep in mind that there are countless Bass fishing ‘tools’ out there, but I think any angler would be quite pleased to unwrap any of these ‘toys’!

Bass wish List

1. The Crucial rod by Shimano is a great gift idea. They are lightweight and strong and come with a lifetime warranty.

2. The Tour edition PT rod by Quantum is another great light strong rod with the same lifetime warranty too.

3. Owner makes an excellent braid cutting tool for your Bass angler that is a die-hard braided line user.

4. Sun glasses are a necessity for Bass angling and a good pair like the Blue Water polarized sun glasses is just right.

5. The Calcutta 50 GT TE by Shimano makes a great gift too. It casts like a dream and is a good buy for the special Bass angler in your life.

6. Shimano also makes an affordable bait cast in the CHRONARCH 50mg. Small and light weight, this will get them gleaming with joy, guaranteed!

7. For the spinning reel Bass anglers on your list Shimano makes a good hardy Stradic 1000. If he or she doesn’t like it, well even I give up!

8. For the love of your life, this reel is a gem! The Shimano Calcutta TE DC has a computer chip in the spool, which makes for worry free casting. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a TE DC. A great gift for the serious of Bass anglers.

9. Stocking stuffers like Shimano rod straps are necessary and fit the budget.

10. Berkley makes an excellent assortment of plastic worms for your Bass Angler. They are a good ‘bang for your buck’ and fits well into all Christmas stockings.

11. A good Bass angler can’t fish for Bass without the trusty Mizmo tube jig! A stocking with salted Mizmo tubes in the mix puts a great grin on any Bass seekers face.

12. On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave…..hey, terminal tackle is worth its weight in gold! Bass fishing or any type of fishing for that matter without it is like……………Christmas without eggnog!

When it comes to Christmas gift giving, I can’t speak for others, but I know that when I receive fishing gear in my stocking I am a kid all over again with a grin from ear to ear! Have a Merry “ChristBass” and a Happy New Year!

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