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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Opening day is on the way

By Todd Spurgeon

Well, another year has come and gone and I'm sure there are lots of stories and photos. But, if you want to increase your catch and possibly catch that trophy of a lifetime, the season has already begun. Even though you've un-spooled your reels, cleaned, lubricated and loosened your drags, another season is fast approaching. Some of the important things to consider for the up and coming year include:

Have the repairs been made to the boat and equipment prior to winter storage? Has the tackle been organized for inspection of baits that may need new hooks, skirts, blades replaced or even painted?

If you spend the winter re-organizing your tackle, maps and gear, you're well on your way for opening day.

Some of the expense, of bass fishing especially, can be spread out through the winter months. Unfortunately Bass season is short because of the water becoming hard here in Ontario. For pre-determined trips you're planning on, obtain hydrographic and/or topographic maps of the area. Take the time to study the areas you prefer to fish and make notes or colour contours to have an idea of the lay of the land. The winter months are also a great time to talk to or chat on the internet with people that may have fished the particular bodies of water you may be fishing in the upcoming year. This only works of course if you're planning trips or have pre-determined tournament dates and locations. Find out what facilities are in and around the area of your lake like lodging, fuel, bait, marinas, etc. Today, the internet is a great tool, not only for obtaining information but also entertaining ourselves as we wait for warmer weather.

With today's technology, there are many useful tools in helping you keep a sharp mind and hook (don't forget to sharpen your hooks...). There are many PC games, fishing planners and websites available to take advantage of. Also, most lake maps or paper charts (hydrographic) are available on CD Rom. Prices may vary from companies such as Map Tech, Digital Ocean and Navionics. navionicsMany websites also have chat sites where information can be shared. Some sites require a membership, which is usually free or available for a small fee. Subscribe to many quality Canadian as well as American fishing publications. They all have something to share. By doing this, you'll keep your mind in the game and out of the ice. Consider keeping a log of fishing events for future information on weather, patterns, catches and photos, and update it regularly.

Keep an open mind - learn what you can because every angler can teach us something new to better our catches.

Tight Lines, Todd

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